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Rock Climbing in Crete


The best climber is the one having the most fun."

Alex Lowe (American mountaineer, 1958 – 1999)



That´s how we see it too! First and foremost is fun. And besides this everyone experiences some very special feelings when trying to conquer a huge rock by climbing: modesty, respect, burning ambition, fear, blank despair and desperate courage, eager fight, faith in your friend and belayer, self-confidence, enthusiasm, pride, self-conquest and last but not least: the great feeling of Yippie Ya Yay when it is done!


Climb amongst magnificent rocks situated by beautiful beaches and combine your relaxing holidays with moments of fun, thrill and self-conquest. There are rocks and routes suited to your personal level of fitness and climbing experience. Just try this fascinating sport and experience all those overwhelming feelings! You will love it!


For more experienced climbers: How about having Rock Climbing Holidays in Crete? I will arrange for you the transport from/to the airport from/to your accommodation at Lentas or Dytikos as well as the daily transport to different climbing spots in the south of Crete.




Rock Climbing: 89,00 / Full Day


Price Includes:

Transfer from meeting point to the location of the event and back, experienced guide (German and English speaking), all special gear for the activity (ropes, helmets, harnesses, secure karabiners, climbing shoes), basic climbing lesson (equipment, terms, procedure), picnic lunch, accident insurance


Climbing Spots:



Group Size:

3-8 participants


Contact and Bookings:

Contact me for more details, tailor-made programmes and/or bookings  TEL / WA: +49 178 4753448   SITENOTICE   TEL / WA: +30 2892 095240